10 of the most sought-after developers in eCommerce
10 of the most sought-after devs in eCommerce

And if you’re wondering: No, this list isn’t a sales-push on Storetasker filled with 10 experts from our network. Instead it’s a genuine highlight of 10 of the best Shopify developers we’ve ever stumbled across, regardless of how they operate (via storetasker, via an agency or as an independent). 

We hope you enjoy the list as much as we enjoyed putting it together. Without further ado, here are 10 of the most sought after web developers in eCommerce. 

Rebecca Balogh

Rebecca is the co-founder of Same Same, working alongside the great Rebecca Russell, based in Vienna, Austria. Same Same offers full-service digital solutions with a focus on modern, dynamic design & technology. We should mention that Same Same has an insanely strong roster of clients. Kylie Swim + Mode Chocolate, Catching Theo - the range is impressive. Always deeply creative yet highly functional. Wow! 

Quintin Radford

Quintin’s a long-time friend of Storetasker. We’ve shared wonderful clients and are always so thrilled to see a note from Quintin in our inbox. His studio: Baggy (site just re-launched!) is aimed at enabling brands to push the limits of traditional patterns while prioritizing conversion-focused outcomes that are fun to shop. True to this vision is some of his team’s work for brands like Graza, In Common With and Eadem.

Kevin Green

We have a lot to be grateful for when it comes to Kevin Green. For one, he’s developed this great directory of all the best creatives in eCommerce and for seconds, Kevin’s created some of the internet’s favorite eCommerce experiences: Vacation, Offlimits and Blueland. So - contrary to what his domain suggests, Kevin does not suck.

Aaron Cohen

Aaron’s a close friend of the Storetasker network. We actually did a full interview with him where he shared how he went from studying literature in college, to working at Brooklyn pizza joint: “Roberta’s”  and eventually self-teaching himself to code and starting his own freelance: AVC.Dev. Aaron’s worked with awesome brands like Ipsa and Nectar. One of the most genuine folks around too! Read the full interview here

Sarah Holden

Sarah’s an independent software engineer based in Los Angeles with over 12 years of experience engineering for the web. She partners with design studios, agencies and brands to create engaging e-commerce sites on Shopify. Most notably, she’s built sites for massively successful brands like Ouai, Drunk Elephant and Aevi

Robbie Sherrard

Robbie is also a Storetasker member. Prior to going freelance, Robbie was a developer at the famous ‘Smakk Studios’. Today, Robbie prioritizes his time on websites that require deep design-focused development expertise. He prides himself on delivering beautiful, functional, fast, pixel-perfect websites. He’s worked on sites like Our Place and Inka!

Vivian Guillen

Vivian was a nomination from Patrick Johnson! In his words: Vivian is “ an amazingly talented, patient and well rounded developer”. And in Vivian’s words she is: “obsessed with CSS and entrepreneurial endeavors”. Based in the Dominican Republic, Vivian runs Red Pixel Themes: “Beautiful TailwindCSS templates for your next project” & writes her own newsletter on Tailwind: Tailwind Weekly

Ian Hatcher-Williams

Ian previously founded the iconic NY design & studio: “Alright”. Since then, Ian’s started his own practice: “Gardener”. Having seen so many DTC brands scale up and down, Ian can most definitely offer you the highest quality guidance (technical or advisory). In 2021, Ian put out this epic report of how Gardener performed. A fun read for all solo-preneurs. Our 3 fave sites of his: Genexa, DS&Durga&Vacation.

Patrick B Johnson

A member on our Storetasker network, and the founder of Progress Labs: One of the best eCommerce agencies in the world. We’ve heard countless stories from founders of brands like Flaus and Proclamation Goods exclaiming how much they love working with Patrick and his team. Patrick understands the challenges of running an eComm brand and will take the edge off when it comes to delivering outstanding dev support. He’s built sites like Flaus, Haus and Omsom

Oneil Olonade

A New York-based web developer specialized in front-end web development and e-commerce builds, Oneil runs his own studio “Friend of a Friend”. Oneil’s the ex-Associate Technical Director at Wondersauce and developed some of the most beautiful and well known eCommerce websites for brands like The Sill, Backdrop and a company favorite: Soft Services

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