Ten DTC operations experts you should follow
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The thing about DTC is that, unless you’ve got your act together on the operations, shipping & logistics side of the business, you’re going to have a really tough time. Not being buttoned up can cost a lot of money to your business, and it will also cost you a lot of time.

To many of you, that’s not shocking. But what is more of a mystery is figuring out “how to get buttoned up” on the operations side of things. That part is a lot murkier. Which 3PL should you go with? How should you plan for inventory? How can you spread out costs throughout the supply chain?

Well. You have to do a bunch of research, and you gotta speak to experts. That’s why we’ve pulled together a list of experts in the space who you can follow or connect with on either Twitter or Linkedin. Here are the 10 Operations experts you should know in D2C.

Laura Behrens Wu

With Shippo being a connector in helping you access the best shipping rates from leading carriers, Laura is fully up to date with UPS/Fedex/DHL news that impact your operation. Laura founded Shippo in 2013 and continues to grow it remarkably; an inspiring follow on twitter.

Haim Moskowitz

Founder of Pretty Damn Quick, Haim’s been making a lot of noise in the D2C space. Mostly because he’s bringing a friendly attitude to the daunting world of logistics. Pretty Damn Quick offers software to help merchants assign orders to different carriers, couriers and 3PLs based on their various rates & then fulfil + track orders all the way through to delivery. Haim is just starting out on twitter, so give him a follow and bother him for some tips! 

Matt Schroeder

Matt’s another simultaneous ecomm brand owner & 3PL operator which gives him a really neat view on the entire D2C operation. Via his brand Shelly Cove & his fulfilment arm Tidal Wave, Matt’s shipped over 1m packages. Fair to say he’s seen a fair bit & can provide real guidance. Follow him on twitter. 

Thea Earl

If we’re talking about ecommerce fulfilment - we have to talk about Shopify and all the amazing work they’re putting into streamlining the operations side of things for merchants of any size. From new “shopify markets” updates to the integration of Deliverr, Thea, Head of Marketing for Shopify’s Fulfilment Network, will cover all of this and share insights on one of the most important roadmaps to follow in DTC. 

Alex Lewkovict

23 year old, 30 Under 30 and founder of not only Black Wolf Nation (men’s skincare rocketship), but also of his own 3PL: ONE23 fulfilment. Alex ships his brand but also some of the fastest growing DTC brands including House of Wise. A very fun follow!

Barrett Shepherd

Another great twitter follow: Barrett has bootstrapped his own 3PL that prides itself on customer care: Simpl Fulfilment. He works with Shopify and Amazon FBA vendors equally & tweets about all things DTC. One to connect with & learn from.

Jill Thayer Liliedahl

Jill was one of the very first employees at Inventory Planner and she led that business all the way to a successful acquisition in the fall of 2021 by Brightpearl. Today, she's still operating as the VP of Revenue at Inventory Planner, but this time inside a much bigger entity and with all the tools at her disposal. One of the most knowledgeable and kindest people in the space

Aaron Rubin

Aaron’s the founder of Shiphero. Shiphero owns & operates 7 warehouses in the US and fulfills orders for more than 10% of Shopify plus stores globally. Aaron was an ecommerce brand owner first before venturing into Shiphero, so he empathizes with merchants like yourself. Via twitter, he gives you personal insights into his life while dropping gems of actionable insights. 

Cathy Robertson

A little birdie app told me Cathy was one to follow when it comes to operations. Cathy’s incredibly knowledgeable and shares her knowledge on a bi-weekly basis via her substack newsletter & daily via her twitter feed. She’s a contributor to magazines like “Air Cargo World” & frequently speaks on industry panels. A must follow. 

Matthew Hertz

Matthew used to scale the supply chain operations at Birchbox, Rent The Runway and Shyp. He now runs a 3PL matchmaker and consultancy called “Second Marathon” where he advises some of the best brands such as Haus, Barkbox & Everlane on operations & logistics. He’s active on twitter and writes a newsletter.

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