Twelve DTC founders to follow on Twitter
Twelve DTC founders to follow on Twitter

We’ve been having lots of fun over here at Storetasker curating lists of outstanding individuals in our world of e-commerce. If you want a shortcut to the best designers, here’s one; want a shortcut to the best marketers - here’s where you should go! Operations? We got you covered too here

But sometimes, all you need is a little inspo from The Woman or Man in the Arena”; from the people who are making their dreams come true with daily perseverance. 

So here’s a curated list of 12 DTC founders who are in many different forms “building in public”. These individuals are incredibly community minded folks who enjoy sharing the ups, just as much as the downs of their journeys in DTC. 

PS: The list intentionally spans across multiple categories in DTC. From apparel, to food, supplements and home. Here’s the list in no particular order. 

Steven Borrelli

At 25, Steven decided it was a good idea to move back into his parents’ place and make a better t-shirt. That was indeed, a very very good decision, enter Cuts. Steven uses his voice to share insights on big topics like “bootstrapping in DTC” or “the business of sports”, but also on smaller tactical things like “what makes a good sizing quiz”. A brilliant follow.

Lindsay Mccormick

Lindsay’s a surfer and ex-TV producer on HGTV’s “House Hunters.” At one point she got fed up with wasting so much plastic in her travels, especially with mini toothpaste tubes. So, she did something about it. She took out $6k and turned that into a multi-million dollar business only a few years later: Bite Toothpaste. Her twitter feed is peppered with positive energy & eco-conscious insights. 

Ronak Shah

The CEO of the Obvi rocketship. Ronak and his 2 co-founders, Ash & Ankit make a collagen protein powder so delicious that it’s become the “obvious choice for health & beauty”. Ronak’s journey from $250k in revenue in Year 1 to crossing $18m by year 3 touches upon everything in the world of DTC: From community building, to retail strategies, product development initiatives, tech stack decisions - Ronak shares all his insights here.

Nicole Gibbons

After a decade in PR at Victoria’s Secret, climbing the corporate ladder - Nicole decided to go down a different path and follow her true passion for interior design. That drive put her on the map as an interior designer on the Oprah Winfrey network’s “Home Made Simple” show. She took her passion even further when launching Clare, a home improvement paint DTC business that’s raised over $12m. A huge advocate for entrepreneurship who also tweets about sports - a great follow!

Mike Salguero

CEO of ButcherBox, a DTC brand that delivers high quality, humanely raised meat to consumers across the country. Mike founded ButcherBox in 2015 and bootstrapped it into stratospheric growth. Mike’s concerned about the sustainability of agriculture and our planet and his tweets give you real insight into the life of a CEO at a high performing DTC

Camil Téllez

The Gen Z Whisperer” as dubbed by Elle, Cami is an incredible force in our industry. At only 24 years old, Cami’s completely shaken up the American lingerie industry with her business: Parade. Parade promotes inclusivity and body positivity and everything else that was missing in the industry prior to her arrival. She’s also a first generation Latina and a proud supporter of her community.

Evelyn Rusli

In 2017, Evelyn (a former journalist) and her co-founder Angela decided to create a much healthier and convenient alternative to the previous status quo in meals for children. The market has responded to their organic nutrition-first meals with overwhelming enthusiasm and Evelyn’s raised close to $100m to continue to deliver on Yumi’s mission. Evelyn tweets about her business, politics, women’s rights & more good stuff. A true inspiration. 

Ajay Mehta

Ajay’s full of wisdom. A bootstrapped entrepreneur who spends most of his time selling candles and books at Birthdate. He’s deeply connected in the DTC space, but his interests aren’t limited to that. A technophile with philanthropic drive; Ajay’s founded a non-profit to increase voter turnout among South Asian Americans and has previously exited a tech startup born out of YC. The most interesting man in the world?

Sarah Moret

Sarah’s a gift that keeps on giving. Her business “Curie” is a clean, aluminum-free deodorant brand founded in 2018 as a side hustle but quickly blossomed into a huge success (+ a Storetasker customer!). Sarah’s on Shark Tank, selling to retailers, co-branding products with partners like Equinox… And that all fits into her Monday schedule. She builds in public and is always asking for advice - join the conversation.

Justin Mares

If founding Kettle & Fire wasn’t enough, Justin is also the force behind Perfect Keto and Surely wines. All to say that when it comes to CPG and DTC founder inspo, you don’t need to look any further than Justin. We're lucky to have him and his team as customers. Justin’s also a health junkie. He shares his insights on health and building companies in his newsletter and via his twitter feed. 

Jack Benzaquen

In 2014, Jack took it upon himself to help anyone struggling with cases of hyperhidrosis: a common condition in which a person sweats excessively. His business, Duradry, is delivering on that mission at every step. We’ve had the pleasure of interacting with Jack via Storetasker, and he’s one of the kindest people in the DTC ecosystem. His twitter feed is filled with open thoughts on retention marketing, fundraising, and all things you’ll encounter running a DTC biz.

Kim Pham

A “third-culture viet kid” building the “proud + loud brand of her dreams”: Omsom. Kim and her sister Vanessa have brought life back into CPG with their deliciously colorful pantry staples that “completely transform your home cooking”. Kim’s infectious energy can be felt right through her twitter feed where she fills you in on Omsom’s latest feats (such as expanding nationwide at wholefoods! congrats!). A must follow!!

Diana Cohen (Tik Tok BONUS!)
Tik Tok

Founder of Crown Affair. She brings to you a collection of tools and clean formulas that restore your hair's balance to let it look—and feel—its best all the time. On Tik Tok, she shares hair advice, business insights and her fave lifestyle tips. Such a good follow. 

Marcus Milione (Tik Tok BONUS!)
Tik Tok

Founder of Minted, a lifestyle apparel brand & avid runner. Marcus never stops. He shares insights into his shipping, logistics, manufacturing, design process & more. A really inspirational follow for the apparel entrepreneurs in the room. 

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