15 of the best designers in
15 of the best designers in

To succeed in the world of D2C, you’ll need a lot more than a beautiful and unique brand - you’ll also need a terrific product, a smooth supply chain, brilliant marketing (here’s a list of marketers available for hire) - and also an insane amount of grit and determination.

But a strong brand has the ability to set you on the right path to solving for all the rest of the equation. A strong brand is one that uniquely bottles your beliefs into a succinct design and communication system.

And in this list, we’re highlighting 15 masters of this art of design.

It’s truly remarkable how such a small group has been able to define an entire generation’s worth of challenger brands. Brands like Our Place, Billie, Andie Swim - those are some of the brands that have captured the interest of today’s modern consumer, and they all come from the creative minds of the artists in this list. 

Marvel at the portfolios of these individuals and once you’re ready to turn your brand into a functional business, we welcome you at Storetasker - pairing you up with some of the best freelance Shopify developers available. 

Spencer Joynt

A multidisciplinary designer, creative director, and advisor; Spencer is a partner at Alright Studio as well as the co-founder of Veil and Marco. Spencer doesn't assign to a style, nor an allegiance to a medium or method. He singularly strives to make work that presents a band, brand, product, or place in the most compelling way.

Katie Levy

Katie runs Gander, a design shop in Brooklyn, New York. They create thoughtful experiences for humans and propel brands with soul and substance. Katie and the team have delivered on this promise countless times with brands like Graza, Immi, Behave, Finn, Magic Spoon, Minna and so many more.

Astrid Schirmer

Astrid’s a design director based in Brooklyn, NY working in collaboration with the infamous Zero Studios. She’s got a fresh and colorful aesthetic, which can be experienced on beautiful websites like Maev, Haven’s Kitchen and Spoiled Child.

Caley Adams

Caley Adams is the Founder & Creative Director of Wildes District, an NYC-based design studio that specializes in luxury and e-commerce brands. She leads the Wildes District team and partners with founders to help build their brands from the ground up, with visually compelling but scalable design. Their clients include some of the most of the moment names today including Andie Swim, Aurate, Chief, Clare Paint, Coterie, Elix Healing, Kin Euphorics, and Margaux.

Jennifer Heintz

Jennifer Heintz is an internet designer based in Philadelphia. She is currently a founding partner of Self Aware, where she designs and produces lively, accessible websites for a variety of brand partners. Self Aware is behind the wonderful aesthetic and functionality of sites like Blueland, Rosaluna, and Two Robbers.

Elizabeth Dilk

Elizabeth Dilk is one half of GEO. Their approach is hands-on and highly collaborative, solving a brand’s creative needs with depth, taste, and imagination. They combine agency and brand-side experience to build hardworking creative with partners whom we admire. Elizabeth’s brought brands like Ceremonia, Coterie, Caraway, and Happy Medium to life.

Mindy Nguyen

Mindy Nguyen is an Art Director & Designer living in sunny Los Angeles. Her goal is to collaborate with nice people and create intentional brands with them. In her free time, you can find her cooking and creating playlists to vibe to. She led the art direction on Art of Sport ;)

Lotta Nieminen

Originally from Finland, Lotta studied graphic design and illustration at the University of Art and Design Helsinki and the Rhode Island School of Design, before founding her namesake studio in 2012. Her approach across mediums is conceptual and holistic, guided by an interest for color, tactility and composition. We love her work for brands like Eadem and Palorama.

Abby Muir

Abby’s one of the most multi-talented creatives we’ve come across. She co-founded an infamous studio called The Couch where they brought to life not only iconic brands like Recess - but also pushed many of the technical boundaries from an eCommerce standpoint. Today, Abby acts as an independent creative, bringing brands like Nestig and Fable pets to life.

Morgan Light

Morgan is an independent, multidisciplinary designer based in New York. She’s got experience from Apple and Collins. Morgan’s worked on the stunning packaging for Kin Euphorics, Ohza and Bubble (no big deal) - and she also produces amazing brand identity and art direction work. 

Marisa Lim

One half of Eastern Rodeo, Marisa spends her time between New York & London and previously was an Associate Creative Director at Wondersauce. While at Wondersauce, she brought to life some of our favorite brands including Boll & Branch & Levain Bakery. Today she works independently via her studio on international brands, like Glow Bar (london), Moon, L’Estrange, and Dhia.

Eri Miyagi

The other half of Eastern Rodeo, Eri is a creative and design director blending skills in strategy, graphic design, and art direction. Eri’s design contributes to the creation of unseen products and ventures for clients such as UNIQLO, ASICS, H&M and more. Eri continues her craft as the founder of 696 NYC: A platform for independent Japanese artists to sell their art with a US market.

Michelle Mattar

Michelle’s work focuses on holistically building and launching brands with a compelling narrative and strategy. She’s done this while working at Ritual, and then for Red Antler. Today, Michelle runs her own studio called Practice where she’s launched brands like Allkinds.

Noemie LeCoz

Noemie is an Australian, independent designer, living and working in NYC. She is half of the new creative studio, Little Troop, that she runs with her husband, Jeremy. She’s previously worked at Apple, Pentagram and Hugo + Marie. Some of our favorite work from her includes Le Puzz and of course Billie - where she’s a part time creative director. She can really do it all. 

Sam Faulkner

Designer and art director based in NYC, Sam Faulkner’s one of the bright minds behind a little collective called Jetskis.biz which is a group of a talented designers and technologists that are used to collaborating on fun projects together. Sam’s worked on Vacation, Our Place, Offlimits & even more of our favorite websites.

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